‘She was very caring. She wanted to be a vet’: Family of Annabell Rodriguez,10, reflects on her life

Annabell’s life was cut short at Robb Elementary School on May 24

When Annabell Rodriguez’s family tells you the 10-year-old was loving, you believe them.

Editor’s note: This article is part of a KSAT 12 special project Remembering the Victims of the Robb Elementary School.

When Annabell Rodriguez’s family tells you the 10-year-old was loving, you believe them.

She smiled with her eyes. You sense her kindness when you look at photos of her.

“She had a beautiful smile. I miss her…she had a beautiful little laugh,” said her mother, Monica Gallegos.

“She would do anything for anybody…[was] very loving,” said her uncle, Jerry Gallegos.

Annabell Rodriguez was among the 19 Robb Elementary School students killed in a mass shooting in Uvalde. (Copyright 2022 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Rodriguez was also a model student. She was in the honor roll and dreamt of being a veterinarian.

“She was all into animals,” added Jerry Gallegos.

She loved school. That was one thing. Like, she was always ready for school in the morning. She didn’t like missing,” recalled Monica Gallegos.

There was also a fun side to Annabell.

Like many of her peers, she enjoyed posting videos to social media.

“She would always do a lot of TikToks with her sisters. She loved dancing.”

“I just always want to…remember all the good. The good times about her and all the good memories that we have left of her,” added Monica Gallegos.

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