Couple launches Made Local SATX to support San Antonio businesses, artists

The online retailer sells food, art, apparel

Mario Siller and Roseann Sanchez started the online website, Made Local SATX. (Live from the Southside)

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Made Local SATX has officially launched. The online store highlights independent artists/makers and local small businesses with a primary focus on art, music, handmade crafts, and food.

Owners Roseann and Mario wanted a way to connect local San Antonio artisans to people around the world.

They love supporting local creators and artisans and strive to promote the creative local energy that San Antonio has to offer.

The online store will also offer the convenience of being able to shop locally in one place while being introduced to new vendors and products regularly. The local husband-and-wife team also owns Karma Candle Makers.

These are some of the featured artists on Made Local SATX.

  • Very That.
  • BarbacoApparel.
  • Alejandro Sifuentes.
  • Robert Tatum.
  • Ramin Samandari.
  • Buttercup.
  • Meechi Ceramic.
  • Emmanuel.

If you would like your business to be added to Made Local SATX, contact

Made Local SATX. (Live from the Southside)

About the owners

Roseann Sanchez worked in various nonprofits after graduation, typically providing services to children. This led to a corporate job in the home health industry, and it was during this time that Karma Candle Makers was founded. In 2021, she left her job as director of corporate operations in search of something new.

Mario Siller, a native of Pearsall, moved to San Antonio upon graduating high school and continues to call it home. Mario has worked in various capacities in the retail industry for more than 20 years. He is also the co-owner and chandler of Karma Candle Makers. Mario currently works in digital marketing and intends to use this knowledge to promote Made Local SATX online.

They have been married for six years but together for 14 years. They started Karma Candle Makers in 2009 by accident and never imagined it would grow into the business it did.

In 2020, they decided that they wanted to step away from the candle business to try something new. Despite this, the website continued to sell candles throughout the pandemic.

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