Dog looking for forever home after being shot 8 times in Texas Hill Country

Messiah was shot in the face, neck, upper back and other areas

Messiah is a one year old Pyrenees mix who was shot eight times. He was taken to Hill Country Humane Society for emergency care. (Hill Country Humane Society)

LLANO COUNTY, Texas – A dog named Messiah will need a forever home after he recovers from being shot eight times in the Texas Hill Country.

Messiah was taken to the Hill Country Humane Society last week after being shot in the face, neck, upper back and various other areas.

“One is close to his nose. One in his neck. One in his upper back. And one bullet went through his back leg. He is anemic, most likely from the blood loss. His stomach was full of gas and had to be drained,” according to a Facebook post from HCHS.

After he was brought into HCHS, Messiah was rushed to the vet where X-rays also revealed bullet fragments in his cheek.

The director of HCHS, Paighton Corley, told KSAT Tuesday via email that all the bullets and bullet fragments have been left in his body.

“The vet said he was extremely lucky where they hit and as of now don’t need to be removed. They are all lodged in skin areas,” Corley said.

Messiah was found by a Llano County resident who went outside after hearing gunshots and saw Messiah run and hide under a porch, according to Corley.

KSAT has reached out to Llano County Sheriff’s Office for more details related to the shooting.

Shelter officials shared an update on Messiah Monday saying he is doing great and eating and drinking as expected.

“He is the sweetest boy even after all that has happened,” HCHS officials said. “Although things are looking great for Messiah, he is still at risk with a bullet/fragment lodged close to his nasal cavity. The vet said it is extremely unlikely it will relocate. His other wounds seem to be healing great. This boy is a fighter.”

Messiah is estimated to be a one-year-old Pyrenees mix. He is currently recovering with a foster family but does not yet have a forever home.

If you’re interested in Messiah, contact the Hill Country Humane Society.

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