Family on Northwest Side on edge after windows were shot out

The shooting happened Monday night around 10 p.m.

SAN ANTONIO – A family on the Northwest Side is shaken up after what they’re calling a random act of violence.

”We heard a very loud sound, just seconds after my husband said ‘what was that?’ He said, ‘grab the three kids and take them to the room and lock the door,’” Jessica Lopez said.

Lopez’s husband came outside Monday to find their front window and the windows to his work truck shot and broken at their home, Northwest of Castle Hills.

“They shot through three windows in the vehicle and also hit the windshield. So I mean, there’s glass covering everything all over the car seats,” Lopez said.

That glass is still piled on the street.

As for the window to their home, Lopez is thankful whatever was used didn’t break through the second pane of glass.

“Your mind spirals because it’s what if they... what if it would have gone through the second pane? What if it would have hit my husband sitting in the living room?” she said.

Lopez said they called the police that night and SAPD is investigating this as criminal mischief.

According to the police report, the holes in the windows seem to be consistent with a BB or pellet gun.

Regardless, Lopez said her three young children are feeling unsettled.

“Just feeling safe in their house and in their neighborhood. And that’s probably the hardest part is I can’t fix that,” Lopez said.

As Lopez and her husband file insurance claims and clean up the shattered glass, they hope whoever’s responsible thinks twice before doing this again.

“Was it really worth it? Right, I mean what were you trying to get out of it, and did you achieve that, and at what cost?” Lopez said.

Another vehicle’s window down the street had the same damage as Lopez’s husband’s truck, according to the same police report.

Lopez is asking anyone who has video of the incident that might have caught the person responsible to come forward.

About the Authors:

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