Meet Tyrannosaurs Rex and the family at the latest Witte Museum exhibit

Visitors can get up close with ‘Scotty’, a complete skeleton found in Canada

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a summer of blockbuster dinosaur exhibitions at the Witte Museum and the latest one to open this week features one of the fiercest predators of all-time.

“We are the first in Texas to bring it here,” Beth Stricker, chief creative officer at the Witte Museum said.

Visitors can get up close and personal with “Scotty” one of the world’s most complete T. Rex skeletons that was discovered in Canada.

It’s part of the latest traveling exhibition, “Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family” located in the Mays Family Center in the museum.

Stricker says the exhibit was created by the Australian Museum and is filled with rare fossil specimens and incredible models of feathered dinosaurs.

“We’ve got skeletons representing species from China, other parts of North America, Canada,” Stricker said.

The exhibit shows the different members of the Tyrannosaur family, including Dilong that can grow up to six feet long.

“Dilong here, this specimen is really important for scientists, because it is one of the first Tyrannosaur specimens to show evidence of feathers. So were dinosaurs feathered, or not? Dilong holds those first clues,” Stricker said.

Visitors can also play interactive games and explore fossils of other giant dinosaurs found in Texas.

“We’ve added our own gallery to the exhibition. Late cretaceous fossils in Texas are rare, but we got our hands on some, and we’re sharing them with everybody,” Stricker said.

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