Preparing kids for their future at Code4Bots summer camp

Code4Bots is a family-owned business focused on STEM learning

SAN ANTONIO – Robotics, animation and game design are just a few of the many things kids can learn at Code4Bots.

Located up Highway 281 between San Antonio and Bulverde, Code4Bots opened a few years ago after the owner, Christian Schmeis, bought his kids a robotics kit.

“Maybe six or seven Christmases ago, I bought my kids a robotics kit and there was absolutely no instruction for it, so I thought it was an opportunity,” said Schmeis.

Code4Bots offers classes year-round, but during summertime, they host half and full-day camps for students to learn in a fun environment. Schmeis believes it’s important for every kid to get involved in STEM-based learning.

“Our camps here start giving those kids the interest and the skills so that they can start being more engaged in the STEM fields,” Schmeis said.

Code4Bots offers camps for children ages six to 15 years old. Experience is not required to enroll in the camps. Each week, there are different types of camps offered. This help children learn new things if they decide to enroll in multiple camps during the summer.

“That’s what makes our camp so challenging. Because we try to make things different every year,” said Schmeis.

The camps put focus on what is popular at the time for kids. For example, this summer, a lot of the camps have a focus on Super Mario Brothers. With the movie coming out, there is a big demand in doing things related to it.

“We try to base it more off with themes that kids are familiar with and that they like or that are popular at the time,” Schmeis said.

Code4Bots still has spots open for their remaining summer camps. You can register by heading to their website.

About the Author:

Halee Powers is a KSAT producer primarily focused on digital newscasts and events.