Learn about Epée Fencing at Olympian Fencing Club summer camp

Olympian Fencing Club is located on St. Anthony’s campus

SAN ANTONIOOlympian Fencing Club helps kids and adults learn the fundamentals of fencing.

“We focus on recreational programs, teach kids the basics, have fun, but then we also have pretty extensive competitive programs,” said owner and head coach Tommi Hurme.

There are three different types of Olympic Fencing. The Olympics website list and describes them as such:

  • Foil-the most familiar. It has the smallest target area with just the torso counting and points are awarded in the ‘right of way’ system.
  • Epée-in this style, the whole body is counted as a target area and there is no ‘right of way” system.
  • Sabre-the body of the blade scores in this fencing style, not just the tip of it.

Olympian Fencing Club focuses on Epée Fencing.

“Epée is kind of like the cleanest. It’s really you just got to hit the other person before they hit you and you can hit them anywhere,” Hurme said.

Olympian Fencing Club will host two camps in July and one in August. No experience is needed to join the camps.

“We’ll usually split our groups between, you know, pure beginners that have no experience fencing but are interested, and fencers who have some competitive experience,” said Hurme.

Fencing is a very safe sport. The material the suit is made out of is tightly woven to prevent the blade from puncturing the fencer.

“We’re very strict on safety. So as long as everyone’s wearing their equipment, they’re following safety rules like it’s one of the safest sports you can do,” Hurme said.

You can learn more about the Olympian Fencing Club’s summer camp schedule, including their pricing, by heading to their website.

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