Parade organizers against proposed design changes for Alamo Plaza

Route changes would require parades to scale down

By Patty Santos - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Parade organizers in San Antonio are speaking out against the proposed design for Alamo Plaza and its surrounding area. The leaders of the Battle of Flowers Parade say the design could threaten the future of the city’s most historic parades.

For 127 years, the Battle of Flowers Parade floats have made their way through Alamo Plaza. They stop in front of the Alamo, where they leave a flower tribute.

Under the new proposed plan, the entire area would be shut down, pushing the parade to Broadway or to the street behind the Alamo.

Anna Laura Block, president of the Battle of Flowers Association, said the new routes simply cannot accommodate the tall, long floats and balloons in their parades.

The new route would force the Fiesta Flambeau Parade to scale down.

Leaders of the association say no one consulted with parade organizers about the plaza design or street closures.

“I think if they don't close Alamo Plaza and we have some vehicular traffic and we have a good route, which is Alamo Plaza street being open, that would solve everything. It would be the remedy to all the problems and issues that we're talking about,” Block said.

“We’re meeting with BOFA to understand how we can get there with a compromise or maybe a different route. Ultimately, we want to maintain that tradition,” District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino said.

City leaders said there are four possible parade routes to consider, but meetings will continue until an agreement is made.

The last scheduled meeting on the matter is set to begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the San Antonio Garden Center on North New Braunfels Avenue.

Supporters of the parades will be at the meeting to voice their concerns.

Officials hope to have a final plan for the City Council to vote on by the fall.

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