The Dog Days of Summer: Warning signs of heat exhaustion in pets

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio’s triple-digit summer heat is not just unbearable for humans, it’s also unbearable for pets.

“It’s the dog days of summer,” said Dr. Michael Mixon, with Texas Veterinary Hospitals. “The asphalt gets hot, the grass gets hot, (so pets) need some shade and they need some water.”

Mixon said to limit taking your pets outside after 10 a.m., and to always place your hand on the asphalt to test how hot it is. He even recommended putting a baby pool out to help them cool off their feet.

“We just want to make sure they’re staying safe and healthy in this heat,” he said.

Mixon said there are several signs of heat exhaustion to look for in your pets, including excessive panting, laying down on their side and unresponsive behaviors.

He said when the heat gets extreme, seizures or even diarrhea can occur. That’s when Mixon recommends bringing your pet into the Texas Veterinary Hospitals.

There are Texas Veterinary Hospital locations in San Antonio, each providing full-service preventative medicine and emergency care. They also offer boarding and grooming options.

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