Real San Antonian: Rebel Mariposa

The story behind La Botanica restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – Inside La Botanica restaurant you will find a colorful eatery and cantina.

“We were actually the first in the whole state of Texas to have a full restaurant and bar,” Rebel Mariposa, owner, La Botanica , said. "I think a lot of people would assume maybe Austin or Houston, so letting you know, San Antonio holds the label of having the first vegan restaurant with a full bar.”

Her food is all plant-based with spices and recipes that go back to her great grandmother.

“It really does help to go back to eating a simple pant-based diet like our ancestors did,” shes says. “Colors literally became more vivid because I was running on such clean fuel.”

The name is fitting as “botanicas are about healing” and are "plant-based.”

“My great, great grandmother was a curandera and a mid-wife here in San Antonio, so it also felt natural to pay homage to that part of my lineage, as well as the mixing of the plants,” Rebel says.

Her restaurant, located on the St. Mary’s Strip, is also a venue for non-profit events, Tejana Explosion parties and many more community gatherings.

Rebel welcomes all walks of life into her restaurant that is all about healing through food, drinks and community.

“So many people who come here, it’s their first time eating vegan food,” she says, “that is so rewarding to see that light bulb turn on.”

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