Actress Diane Guerrero shares what she loves most about San Antonio

One-on-one with actors of 'Doom Patrol,' Jovian Wade and Diane Guerrero

You know her from “Jane the Virgin” and “Orange is the New Black.” Diane Guerrero takes on the role of “Crazy Jane” in DC‘s “Doom Patrol” on HBO Max.

“We explore trauma, mental illness LGQBT acceptance,” Guerrero said. “I think it’s going to be very relevant to the real world.”

When asked what she love most about San Antonio, ”Mexican food!” she exclaimed.

Guerrero released a memoir, “In the Country we Love,” back in 2016. The book follows Guerrero’s upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts, being raised by two parents who were undocumented immigrants from Colombia.

“It’s had a lot of positive feedback, I initially wrote it for people who have had similar experiences of deportation in this country,” Guerrero said. “I was excited to bring the audience on that journey with me and what our community goes through on a daily basis.”

Actor Jovian Wade is known for his role in “The First Purge.” His role as “Cyborg” takes on more than just a super hero.

“The writing really relates to the real world and every time I get a script, I am blown away,” Wade said.

When asking Wade what super power he would like to have in real life he says: “teleportation.”

“That way I can go visit my family from London,” Wade said.

Season two of the popular super hero series premiered Thursday, June 25.

“The biggest compliment I’ve received is that this doesn’t feel like a super hero show,” Wade said. “It allows you to relate to one of these characters.”

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