Laptops less than $300

The Deal Guy has great & affordable tech for virtual learning

SAN ANTONIO – It’s fall and are you still working out all the kinks to virtual learning or working from home? The Deal Guy, Matt Granite, has the tips and tech that might help you get over the hump.

Looking for Laptops?

When searching don’t search for “Chromebook.” Search for “laptops," you’ll get more results and great deals.

Need a better microphone?

Lots of people think Apple Airpods are the best but The Deal Guy says they’re overprices and not that great. Instead he recommends Earbuds from Decibel Electronics. He says they’re better quality, and right now, they’re on sale.

Need better wifi?

The Deal Guy says go to your search engine and type in “wifi mesh” - no matter what system you choose, you’ll have a web of coverage through out your home that will eliminate those wifi dead spots. So just look for the most inexpensive.

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