Bring nature inside with these home decor ideas

The Pearl’s ‘Rancho Diaz’ awarded best new home decor shop in 2022 by San Antonio Magazine

SAN ANTONIO – With spring just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about greenery and earth tones but you don’t have to leave nature outside. It’s nice to bring those earthy colors and textures indoors to enjoy as well.

Rancho Diaz, a modern + vintage home goods shop for all interests, shares how you can bring nature inside with some clever and inexpensive items.

Co-owner, Ginger Diaz, has ideas on how to bring nature inside in the video above but here are just a few items:

This blue planter is a favorite for co-owner Ginger Diaz, who says she leaves the plant in its original pot so she can easily take it out. (KSAT)
You can get all kinds of greenery and plants at Rancho Diaz. (KSAT)
This is actually a candle holder used as a planter. (KSAT)
Earthy color tones--another great way to bring nature indoors. (KSAT)
Rancho Diaz, located at the Historic Pearl. (KSAT)

Located at the Historic Pearl, Rancho Diaz specializes in both vintage and modern pieces from all parts of the world for home decor enthusiasts and foodies. This trendy shop just won “best new home decor shop” in 2022 by San Antonio Magazine.

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