San Antonio artist Gio DiZurita adds joy to any space with her colorful compositions

This local artist uses a canvas to tell her artistic stories through her paintings

SAN ANTONIO – Giovanna DiZurita is a Mexican-American artist who is based here in San Antonio. Her love for painting started as a child, using art to express herself.

“When I was very young, I had anger management problems,” DiZurita said. “I used it (art) as a healthy way of removing my fears, my anger, my questions, instead of going out and acting out all the time, I would use the paper or the canvas or the paint and I would paint what I was feeling.”

This helped DiZurita heal, but it also opened up an entire world of art and it allowed her to tap into her gift. Today, her work has been featured in over 30 galleries around the world.

“Honestly, every day I have to remind myself where I used to be, sometimes it’s really hard to understand that oh my goodness, this is my life,” she said.

Oftentimes, DiZurita uses color to create her work, which is a combination of acrylics, ink oil paints paper, fabric, and metal.

“Now I am being able to share my talent with the community and the world and not only that, but sharing stories that make people feel something different than their reality, that’s what makes me very happy about that,” DiZurita said.

Her new series, “Dancing with Ghosts,” has a different look, but each original painting has a story.

“Sometimes I think I’m more of a storyteller than an artist,” she said. “I always did colorful, very colorful things, but this time around, I wanted to do the unexpected from Gio DiZurita.”

The palette is black, white, and gold. The castles in the pieces, represent our minds and the people are the memories.

Her brand, DiZurita, features original art, art prints ($20 each), accessories and even clothing. Gio also offers art classes for kids and adults.

DiZurita House of Art is located at 1104 Nolan St. on San Antonio’s East Side. You can follow Gio on her Instagram for the latest projects and adventures.

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