Create a mobile homework station

Professional organizer Esmi Gonzalez shares some simple tips to keep you more organized this school year

Esmi Gonzalez shares some organizing tips for a homework station in your home

SAN ANTONIO – You don’t need a desk or a home office to create the perfect homework station. Professional organizer Esmi Gonzalez shares how you can create a mobile homework station on any budget.

1. Roller cart - you can find these at Target, Amazon or Walmart

2. Use what you have - old jewelry storage containers can work for organizing school supplies

3. FREE calendars - you can find free printable calendars online, Esmi offers some on Sort it

4. DIY Command Center - you can create a command center with a cork board and a dry erase board for reminders

For more information on Sort it Out, click here. Esmi specializes in home and garage organizing.

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