Yahoo Sports releases Chinese internet nicknames for Spurs players, NBA stars

Multiple Spurs players given funny Chinese nicknames

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

SAN ANTONIO – While the NBA's popularity is continuing to grow in China we are now learning of a whole collection of nicknames that internet users there have created. And they are hilarious.

Yahoo Sports released the list that includes four Spurs among many of the leagues legends and current stars. Here's the list of nicknames.

Tim Duncan

English nickname: Timmy, The Big Fundamental

Chinese nickname: The Stone Buddha

Manu Ginobili

English nickname: Manu, The Magician

Chinese nickname: The Demon Blade

Tony Parker

English nickname: TP

Chinese nickname: The Little French Sports Car

Pau Gasol

English nickname: Kung Pow, The Meal Ticket

Chinese nickname: Sister-in-law

Kyle Anderson

English nickname: Slo-Mo

Chinese nickname: Human Peristalsis

Kawhi Leonard

English nickname: The Klaw

Chinese nickname: Means "cute" but sounds like "Kawhi."

Stephen Curry

English nickname: Chef Curry

Chinese nickname: F***s the Sky

LeBron James

English nickname: King James

Chinese nickname: The Little Emperor

Michael Jordan

English nickname: MJ, Air Jordan

Chinese nickname: Gang Boss

Kobe Bryant

English nickname: Mamba

Chinese nickname: Snail Shell

Shaquile O'Neal

English nickname: Shaq, Disel, The Big Aristotle

Chinese nickname: The Giant Shark

Charles Barkley

English nickname: Chuck, Sir Charles, The Round Mound of Rebound

Chinese nickname: The Flying Pig

Klay Thompson

English nickname: 1/2 Splash Brothers, Big Smokey

Chinese nickname: The Buddha 

Dirk Nowitzki

English nickname: The Dunking Dutchman

Chinese nickname: The German Panzer Tank

Steve Nash

English nickname: Kid Canada

Chinese nickname: Son of the Wind

Carmelo Anthony

English nickname: Melo

Chinese nickname: Melon

Dwayne Wade

English nickname: D-Wade, Flash

Chinese nickname: Dian Wei

Kevin Garnett

English nickname: KG, The Big Ticket

Chinese nickname: King of the Wolves

Stephon Marbury

English nickname: Starbury

Chinese nickname: Marburyist Political Commissar

Julis Erving

English nickname: Dr. J

Chinese nickname: J, Ph.D.

Scottie Pippen

English nickname: Pip

Chinese nickname: Second Best Under Heaven

Giannis Antetokoumpo

English nickname: Greek Freak

Chinese nickname: Letters Bro

You can find more of these historical Chinese nicknames on Nick Kapur's Twitter page. Kapur is a historian of Japan and East Asia.