Spurs Coyote crashes San Antonio quinceanera

Coyote makes surprise visit to quince celebration

(Image courtesy: Dru Photography)

SAN ANTONIO – The Spurs are not in this year's NBA Finals, which means the team's world-famous mascot, the Coyote, has had some free time. 

He spent some of that free time crashing a San Antonio quinceanera over the weekend.

Pictures posted on Dru Photography's Facebook page show the Coyote at the party.

Dru Photography tells KSAT it was a complete surprise to the quinceanera and the rest of the party.

The Coyote spent about an hour at the quince, took photos with the family and friends, and generally caused all sorts of craziness.

Check out some of pics below courtesy of Dru Photography.

(Image courtesy: Dru Photography)
(Image courtesy: Dru Photography)
(Image courtesy: Dru Photography)

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