Magic star Aaron Gordon visits San Antonio

Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon visited Spurs country on Monday at Our Lady of the Lake University by invitation of the 2019 Basketball Embassy Assembly. He was part of a weeklong convocation of select basketball players and coaches from around the world.

Gordon, the fourth overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, has teamed with Graham Betchart, who has a master's degree in sports psychology, and former Rackspace employee and San Antonio resident Jake Gracia to form Train the Mind, LLC. Their primary purpose is to help young athletes handle the pressure of competitive sports, studies and social media training the mind through visualization and meditation.

“The most powerful tool that we have is our mind," Gordon said. “If you can focus that and become present, it inevitably makes you better as a person and as a basketball player. With training the mind, we’re looking to get that to as many kids as we can. The idea of focusing, the idea of sharpening your mind, using your mind to give you that competitive edge.”