Can't get KSAT 12 with your antenna? Try this!


SAN ANTONIO – KSAT TV is broadcasting at full power allowed by the FCC.

KSAT is broadcasting a 12.1 channel (KSAT), a 12.2 channel (METV) and now (Movies) on 12.3 digital VHF 12.

Viewers who receive over-the-air broadcasts using a local antenna may experience reception issues due to the type of antenna they are using, as indoor antennas don’t work well for VHF reception.

In addition, the antenna must be capable of picking up UHF/VHF TV signals and the ideal antenna is an outdoor “old-style” antenna mounted just above the roof line.

Many of these new so-called “digital antennas” do not work well as they are typically designed for UHF signals and not VHF reception.

If you are using an indoor antenna and are having trouble receiving KSAT, you may also try to move your antenna and re-scan for channels. Sometimes this helps.

In some cases the old “rabbit ear” antennas may work better than the new digital flat antennas.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call KSAT's Chief Engineer, Frank Daniels, at 210-351-1251.

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