Repairing big blue crab statue next as Rockport recovery continues

Residents, business owners say iconic landmark represented sign of community

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ROCKPORT, Texas – One year after Hurricane Harvey, the town of Rockport is pushing towards a big goal.

While the town is making progress in its recovery, the journey is not over yet.

An iconic landmark is next on the list of repairs, where a historic big blue crab once stood.

The crab was more than a statue, residents and business owners said it represented a sign of community.

"Rockport has crabs. That's all there is. We are a crabby town," said Peggy Thompson, Texas by Design owner. "It was just part of downtown Rockport."

"It is a little disorienting because you are used to seeing this big giant crab, and now it is not there," visitor Kimberly Ring said.

The blue crab has been around for decades and managed to make it through other hurricanes, but in just one night, Harvey took down the statue, leaving just bits of metal.

Local merchants are now working to raise money to replace the big blue crab. One store is selling a Hurricane Harvey shirt with proceeds going toward the project.

The entire community got together to celebrate the progress it has made with a block party Saturday night.

“It represents joy that we are back and moving and in business and you know we came through it and our community is still here and everybody is just trying to make it better than it was before,” Thompson said.

"Rockport is in fact resilient," said Lindsay Horton. "The people that are here are resilient. They are a resilient community."

The block party lasted until 9 p.m. and featured food, drinks and live music.

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