Blake's Brainiacs: Future artists flourish in after school program

MOSAIC offers help with art and business

SAN ANTONIO – You know Blue Star Contemporary for its collection of art in Southtown. However, the museum also offers a unique after school program for budding artists. 

The program, called MOSAIC, is offered to local high school students interested in growing their artistic abilities. Students spend up to nine hours a week after school at the MOSAIC gallery, located right next door to Blue Star Contemporary. 

Within those nine hours each week, students work on original art with the help of instructors and mentors. MOSAIC students are also encouraged to dive into the business side of art, by visiting different galleries and even selling their own art at the Student Art Gallery. 

If you'd like to apply for the MOSAIC program, click here. Applicants must be a high school students in a San Antonio area school district. 

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