San Antonio moves closer to drought conditions, heat wave ahead

Stage 1 water restrictions and record-challenging heat are likely

Forecast high temperatures for San Antonio, valid Thursday, July 9th (KSAT 12)

Almost every summer, South Texas deals with intense heat and stretches of dry weather. It is July, after all. However, we will likely be looking at record-challenging heat, the arrival of a drought, and Stage 1 water restrictions kicking in all at once. Here are the highlights of the upcoming forecast:

  • We ended June on a dry note and have kept that rain-free stretch going. Expect very little chance of rain through the foreseeable future.
  • Drought conditions have begun to build back into the area. An expansion of drought is likely over the next two weeks.
  • The aquifer has been on a steady drop and Stage 1 watering restrictions begin Friday, July 10th
  • Temperatures are forecast to reach triple digits late this week. By the weekend, afternoon highs could be challenging records. Thankfully, we will see less humidity by the weekend.

Our weather maps highlight just how dry things have become around South Central Texas. Take a look:

Aquifer Level Falling

Level of the Edward's Aquifer since June 1, 2020 (KSAT 12)

Precipitation Deficit

In the last 30 days, many locations in the KSAT 12 viewing area are lagging behind in the rainfall department. For example, San Antonio should have seen an additional nearly 2 inches of rain in the last 30 days, and places like New Braunfels are experiencing a 3+ inch rainfall deficit.

This graphic shows the lack of rainfall around the KSAT 12 viewing area. For example, in San Antonio we should have seen an additional 1.95 inches of rain in the last 30 days. (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Percent of Normal

Another way to look at our lack of rain is to consider the “percent of normal.” This graphic shows how much rain has fallen in the last 30 days compared to how much we should have seen. In San Antonio, we’re only at 44%. Other places, like Del Rio, have barely reached a tenth of the amount of normal rainfall!

This is a look at the percent of normal precipitation for the past 30 days. (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Heat Safety

Even though we’re Texans and are used to the heat, it’s important to remember these safety tips to avoid heat-related illnesses:

  • Never leave pets or kids inside a parked vehicle
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Reduce strenuous outdoor activities
  • Find shade or air-conditioned places
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing
  • Check on the elderly, who are more susceptible to heat-related illness
  • Walk your dogs in the morning or in the evening to avoid injuring their paws. If you have to take your puppers for a walk in the afternoon, keep on the grass or use heat-safe walking shoes

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