Consumer Reports finds top-rated dishwasher detergent not most expensive one

SAN ANTONIO – What’s the best dishwasher detergent? Consumer Reports slopped on and baked on a big mess and put several to the test.

Among the recommended detergents: Finish Powerball Tabs, as well as Cascade Complete ActionPacs with Dawn. Both were excellent for removing caked-on foods.

However, Consumer Reports found you can get even cleaner while also saving money. The top-performing detergent wasn’t a name brand, it was Kirkland Signature’s Dishwasher Pacs from Costco that go for less than half the cost per pod as the Finish or Cascade detergents.

And if you’re a Sam’s Club member -- the Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Dishwasher Pacs were excellent for cleaning dishes.

Plus, testers found if you have hard water they’re also great for resisting water spots.

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