H-E-B rolls out new home delivery option

Service available in select zip codes expanding

By Marilyn Moritz - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - H-E-B has begun rolling out its new home delivery service, giving time-strapped customers another option to have groceries delivered to their doorstep.

The home delivery service launched in select zip codes across Texas and continues to expand.

"We are adding zip codes every day," said HEB spokeswoman Julie Bedingfield. 

By logging on to HEBTOYOU.COM, customers can find out if delivery is available in their zip code and the availability of curbside pickup.

Grocery delivery is a booming trend in the supermarket industry to meet customers' needs for convenience.

Chiloe Grazier, a mother of two young children, said home delivery is a service she can appreciate.

"Life is busy as it is," she said. "Going grocery shopping with them is fun sometimes, but it can also be a hassle."

Mobile apps Instacart and Shipt, as well as Amazon Prime, already deliver groceries in the area. H-E-B is offering another option. 

Customers shop online, putting their items into a virtual cart, and a personal shopper does the legwork.

"Our HEB partners are trained to shop just like they shop for their own groceries," Bedingfield said.

Shoppers can also provide detailed instructions, particularly when it comes to produce.

"If you want an avocado ready today and an avocado ready three days from now, you'll get a variety of ripeness in your order," Bedingfield said. 

Customers can choose their delivery hour scheduled at least four hours out. 

The convenience does come with a cost. 

With most grocery delivery services, shoppers pay more for each item than if they go to the store for themselves.

For instance, a box of Cheerios priced at $2.62 in the store cost $2.70 with the H-E-B home delivery. The 8-cent markup is less than similar delivery services we recently checked.

With an Instacart delivery, the Cheerios cost 37 cents more than the store price and Shipt charged 47 cents more.

H-E-B home delivery also charges a $4.95 personal shopper fee plus a $7.50 delivery service fee.  

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