Get lifetime access to a massive amount of cloud storage for only $99.99

Get lifetime access to a massive amount of cloud storage for only $99.99 (via StackCommerce)

TL;DR: For most of us, a cloud storage service is a must. With Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage, you can keep all your files in one spot that’s easily accessible. While a lifetime subscription typically retails for $1,494, it’s now available for only $99.99.

Gone are the days when our most important work files and mementos were locked away in cabinets or stowed away in boxes. Now, we save the photos, videos, and files that matter most to us in the invisible digital space known as a cloud. It can be difficult to find the right cloud storage service for your needs — but this particular one is amazing for both personal and professional needs.

Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage is a simple way to keep all your important files in one secure space that you can always easily access. And while a lifetime subscription to this kind of service is usually $1,494, you can now get Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage for only $99.99. No coupons needed! It’s an exclusive deal — you won’t find a better price anywhere else on the internet.

When you use Prism Drive, you no longer have to worry about clogging up the space on your phone, tablet, or computer. Instead, you can quickly upload it all to Prism Drive (it works on any device) and then access those files from any of your devices when you need it. You can rest easy knowing you always have room for all of your files — and that they’re kept incredibly secure as well.

Other things we love about Prism:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • You can preview the files on your device without actually downloading them, keeping them stored safely in the cloud.
  • You 20TB of cloud storage — an almost incomprehensible amount.
  • You can easily create links that you can share with coworkers or loved ones.
  • Large files? No problem. They’ll easily upload to Prism Drive.
  • High-level encryption keeps all data safe.
  • Access to support for any issues

Just consider this rousing testimony from one user: “Works well and fast and the Access to my Cloud-Data is very fast. If I have a question, I go to Online Chat and get instantly an answer.”

Requiring more cloud storage no longer needs to be an issue. Get a lifetime subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage (20TB) for only $99.99 and put an end to your storage problems.

Prices subject to change.