12th largest pumpkin in U.S. on display in San Antonio

Pumpkin weighs nearly 2,000 pounds

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SAN ANTONIO – The 12th largest pumpkin in the U.S. weighs 1,971 pounds and it’s on display in San Antonio.

The giant pumpkin is currently at the JW Marriot San Antonio Hill Country Resort.

It grew from the size of a marble to a monster gourd in just three months.

The pumpkin was grown from a seed that came from the U.S. record pumpkin in 2015, which weighed more than 2,200 pounds.

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People typically don’t eat these massive pumpkins because of a bland taste that comes from high water content.

Andy Wolf, who is known for growing massive pumpkins, grew this particular gourd in Little Valley, New York.

As growers continue to push the limits of pumpkin growing, the record weights keep getting higher.

Six years ago the pumpkin on display in San Antonio would have been the world record holder.

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