2018 NIOSA Fiesta medal revealed

Visit NIOSA Crafters Store or NIOSA to buy new medal

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SAN ANTONIO – The 2018 NIOSA (A Night in Old San Antonio) Fiesta medal was unveiled on Thursday by the organization’s chairman along with the San Antonio Conservation Society President.

President Susan Beavin unveiled the medal at the NIOSA Crafters’ Store during a private reception for society board members, NIOSA volunteers, special guests and Fiesta dignitaries. 

The 2018 NIOSA medal (seen above) was designed by Margie Arnold with help from NIOSA director of operations Audrey Haake and Monarch Trophy designer David Durbin. 

Arnold said the inspiration for the medal came from the desire to “commemorate the 70th year of "A Night In Old San Antonio" and to pay homage to the 15 distinctive areas of NIOSA that have made the event what it is today.

Starting March 1, the medals can be purchased for $12 at the NIOSA Crafters’ Store located in the 200 block of South Presa St. or can be found on the NIOSA website.

The medals will also be sold during NIOSA in some souvenir booths while supplies last, officials said.  

NIOSA 2018 takes place April 24-27 from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. nightly during the city’s Fiesta celebration.

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