You should stream these TV shows, movies and documentaries Thanksgiving weekend

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown." (Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix)

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and people decide to have a more laid-back and understated Thanksgiving weekend, some might find themselves needing something to do, to replace fighting over the wishbone.

So, why not get caught up on some of your favorite shows on Netflix, or start something entirely new?

Here are just a few suggestions, from Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max.

‘The Crown’

The new season of Netflix’s hit show “The Crown” is here, and it seems like the show finally got to the good part of the royal family timeline: Princess Diana.

“The Crown” has been showing us the life of Queen Elizabeth and her family, and it’s always been fascinating, but to see the Diana years, and learn about how she was (allegedly) treated by Prince Charles, the media and the other people in her life, is interesting. Those who remember the ’80s won’t be too shocked to see the crap Diana had to deal with, but millennials or Gen Z-ers who only remember Diana’s death will be learning more about her life, as well.

Where to watch it: Netflix

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