This show recommendation might be just what you need, no matter your age or political views

‘Steven Universe,’ anyone?

Fans get posters during the Steven Universe signing at New York Comic Con in 2017. (Jason Kempin, Getty Images/Cartoon Network)

A recent guest on “The Best Advice Show” has a brother who’s in high school who has been bumping heads a lot with his mom. But “in this moment, ‘Steven Universe’ is something that’s bringing them together,” he said.

“Steven Universe?” you might ask.

Yes. “Steven Universe.”

We’ll let the advice-giver, artist and educator Nate Mullen, explain.

“Everybody should watch ‘Steven Universe,’” he told podcast host Zak Rosen. “It’s a coming-of-age story of this person named Steven learning to control his powers, which are deeply connected to his emotional reality.”

Mullen admits it’s a cartoon and it’s silly.

“But he also, in order to like, you know, access his power, he has to tap into what is joy for him or what is pain for him, right?" Mullen said. "And as he grapples with that, that allows him to access superpowers. And what else do we need at this moment more than understanding that having deep access to our emotions (is) a superpower?”

You can find Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, Hulu, Amazon and Apple. Listen to the full podcast episode below -- it’s not even two minutes long.

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