Tiny but effective: These small tips will instantly transform your Monday mornings

Beat the Sunday blues -- starting now

How are your Mondays? (Kaboompics.com/Pexels image)

Whether you call them the Sunday Scaries or the Sunday Blues, you’re probably familiar with the concept: It’s that dread, that sadness; that realization at the end of the weekend that it’s all coming to an end.

And you’ll be right at the beginning of another work week.

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Patia Braithwaite, a senior health editor at SELF Magazine, joined a recent episode of “The Best Advice Show” to chat with host Zak Rosen about what she does to make this time a little bit more manageable.

Usually, the blues hit her right around 4 p.m., Braithwaite said.

So, what does she do? Something physical to distract herself -- because exercise will ultimately relax you.

Also, Braithwaite said, about 15 to 20 minutes before ending her day on Friday, she writes down all the pressing things that need to happen first thing Monday: tasks, meetings and priorities. This way, when she sits down for work Monday, she’s not disoriented. She’s also not trying to commit things to memory Sunday night.

You can listen to the entire episode, which is only a few minutes long, above. Braithwaite also authored this helpful piece for Self.

Rosen, by the way, wants to hear from you next.

To contribute some of your advice, drop him a voicemail at 844-935-BEST. Leave your name and your tip, followed by your email address in case he has any follow-up questions.

It can be deep or not-so-deep. Rosen has a “Food Fridays” feature in which he’d love to feature your cooking advice. He’s not so much interested in platitudes and truisms, but instead, looking for the specific, odd, uplifting, effective, real advice from you about how you make it through your days.

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