Rolling out of bed and doing this simple activity ‘could change your life’

‘Best Advice Show’ guest advocates for regular morning stretching

Stretching (Tamba Budiarsana/Pexels stock image)

Every morning, Noam Kimelman rolls out of bed, gets onto the floor and stretches.

“And if I don’t do it, I definitely notice not feeling my best," he said, adding that his legs will get more tired during the day -- like he feels heavier.

Kimelman told “The Best Advice Show” podcast host Zak Rosen that he aims to stretch for five to 10 minutes every day -- and said it will change your life.

The only rule is, don’t look at your phone! (Kimelman admits he sometimes looks at his phone).

Hear more from him below.

The five- to 10-minute mark is just enough to time to make your body feel good, without being overwhelming.

Rosen, by the way, wants to hear from you next. His podcast aims to share good, simple advice with the world. Episodes are typically only a few minutes long.

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