Should corporations adopt a 4-day workweek? We asked you, and here’s what you said

Americans work more than average set of hours worldwide, according to OECD

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Some believe Americans work too much, but coming up with solutions to that issue can be complicated.

As part of our focus on employment and solutions to a more productive workplace, we asked what you thought of a four-day workweek. It would be where people would work 10 hours a day instead of eight, but have an extra day off for errands, leisure, family time, or just to unwind.

“A four-day week will relieve people’s stress level, due to the fact that it will give more time with their families and allow them to decompress.”

Rachel Joseph

Would this be a good idea?

According to responses we’ve gotten to the idea, many are receptive to a four-day workweek. Here are a sampling of responses from viewers and readers who were in favor.

  • “Yes, more free time to enjoy life,” said Jordan Taylor. “It’s sad that we spend most of our time working and sleeping than we do having time to ourselves or family.”
  • “We are testing a four-day workweek where all meetings are Monday-Thursday with Friday being reserved just to focus on tasks,” said Jeff Curtis. “Everyone likes it so far!”
  • “Studies have shown that workers are more efficient and are much happier working a four-day workweek,” said Richard Sheridan. “Work/life balance is improved.”
  • “Research shows productivity/profit goes up approximately 8% with four-day workweeks,” said Ivy Pratt. “For corporate employees, this should become the new norm.”
  • “I worked a four-day workweek in my final year in the Navy,” said Wallace Cranford. “You could choose to be off Monday or Friday. Excellent experience.”
  • “I currently work a four-day week with my employee and I will tell you our overall morale and productivity are 10/10 every day,” said Samantha Johnson.
  • “I’ve had a few jobs where I had four, 10-hour days in a row. It was amazing! You actually have time to enjoy your days off,” said Loretta Zazo.
  • “We started this right before Thanksgiving and I’m in a manufacturing company,” said Karen Smith. “It’s working out well.”
  • “National Guard does 10 hours a day with every other Monday off,” said Carolyn Canik. “That was a nice schedule, too. We were still productive and got everything.”
  • “I work five days a week,” said Charlotte Gainey. “As a mother of four children, I have to take off for doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, etc.”

There were questions raised about the potential of a four-day workweek from readers.

  • “Monday-Thursday great, but if it’s on a rotating schedule where you shift to Friday/Saturday/Sunday, not so great,” said Rex Fairholm.
  • “Is a great idea, as long as I get to keep my 40 hours and not cut down to 32 hours, as cost of living is way too high at this time,” said Roseann Diaz.

There were readers who opposed the idea.

  • “I remember when the (workweek) was 5 1/2 (days). On some Saturdays, sometimes I went to work with my father on Saturdays,” said Thomas Martin.
  • “Bad idea,” said Russell Smith. “Busy hands are happy hands.”

According to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Americans work 1,791 hours per year, which is above the OECD average of 1,715.8.

The data found that 10.4% of Americans work more than 50 hours a week on average, and that the United States is only of one of two countries (South Korea is the other) that don’t have statutory paid sick leave policies.

Should there be a four-day workweek? Let us know your thoughts below.

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