Whataburger releases build-your-own burger boxes that feed 10 people

Boxes available with single or double patties

Whataburger Burger Box (Nicole Truly, Whataburger)

Whataburger is making it easier for people to order for Whatasized gatherings.

Last month, the San Antonio-based burger chain released a burger box that includes Whataburgers for 10 people, complete with condiments and fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles.

And it’s cheaper than one may think — the box is $45.99 without extras. A double meat Whataburger box is available for $59.99.

In true “Just like you like it” fashion, customers can add cheese, bacon, jalapenos or any other add-ons for an additional charge per burger.

Whataburger said it’s a “perfect” option for tailgates, parties, meetings or book clubs.

The boxes are available for purchase online at all locations, Whataburger said on Instagram.

Burger Box (Whataburger)