Searching for a new apartment in San Antonio? What you should know before moving during the pandemic

Locator agents can help people find apartments in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – If you’re looking for an apartment in the San Antonio area, chances are you’re hunting by yourself or using an apartment locator service to find your new home. But with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape has changed for those looking to move to a new place.

Apartment hunting can seem like a daunting tasks if you’re not prepared, especially during the pandemic. But apartment locator agent Justin Flores, with Texas Relocation Experts, said services like the one he provides make it easier for people to look for apartments that not only fit their budget but also their exact specifications.

“I am genuinely trying to find you the best apartment, but I need — just give me the information. Be as specific as you possibly can. I’ll do my best to hit every single thing that you present to me," Flores says to potential clients, who pay no fees for his service since agents are compensated by apartment complexes via referrals.

With many complexes making major changes to keep residents safe from the coronavirus, Flores said he had to change up his approach.

“I used to like to bring people in the office. I like to do that so they can get a feel for what I do. I actually am calling these apartments. I am finding out exactly the numbers for your exact move-in date. It’s for me to get the client to understand the work that gets put in," Flores said.

He said some apartment offices have resorted to other means to help people tour properties due to social distancing measures that have been put in place.

“Sometimes, (apartment office workers will) be able to unlock the unit. The client can go tour it themselves, and they give them a call when they’re done and they’ll lock the unit up again. Sometimes, they have to do virtual tours," Flores said.

But there is a silver lining for people looking to move right now, and it’ll save them some hard-earned dollars.

“For the apartment complex, business might have slowed down a little bit because they’re offering really great specials right now," Flores said.

Before you move from your apartment, make sure to give a leave notice within the appropriate timeframe, which Flores says is usually 60 days before your move-out date. He also said there’s another important thing you should always do.

“Anything you do with the apartment, get everything in writing," he said. "Get it in writing, get it signed by the management.”

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