More allegations of sexual misconduct by Dr. Calvin Day

Day convicted on Monday of sexually assaulting female patient


SAN ANTONIO – A woman who visited the office of Dr. Calvin Day, a once-prominent dermatologist, said that his behavior during a 1980s visit left her "extremely uncomfortable."

"I felt like (it was)n't right," the 52-year-old woman testified.

She said she went to Day's office to have three moles removed from her back for cosmetic reasons.

"He told me that he would have to have me disrobe and he was going to do a body search," she said. "I don't remember having a gown on, I just remember being under that light completely nude."

On cross examination, Day's lawyers suggested that their client was simply being thorough by checking her for the possibility of cancerous moles.

Another witness -- a former employee -- testified Wednesday that Day asked her to accompany him for a "fancy dinner" one evening after work.

"I told him that that was something he should do with his wife and he said that she didn't like to do those kinds of things so I should go instead," she testified.

On Monday, Day was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault.

A former patient claimed that Day had taken her to a secluded rear office in his office complex known as the "Bat Room."

She testified that Day fondled her and touched her in an inappropriate sexual manner.

Day is facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison but is eligible for probation since he has no criminal record.

His conviction dictates that he must now register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

When the allegations against him surfaced in 2010, his medical license was temporarily suspended.

Testimony in the punishment phase of Day's trial will resume on Thursday in Judge Ron Rangel's 379th District Court.

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