Official 'Alamo cat' passes away

SAN ANTONIO – The Alamo's official cat mascot went to cat heaven Sunday morning.

For nearly 18 years, Mistress Clara Carmack, otherwise known as C.C., defended the grounds of the Alamo from rats and other small creatures.

She was popular among visitors and became a beloved companion to those who work there.

"The whole complex is upset because everybody loved her. Whether you're a cat person or not, C.C. was the Alamo cat, so she's very special," said Sherri Driscoll, an employee with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Liberty.

C.C. was considered a celebrity. She'd been featured in numerous articles, was in the L.A.Times and was even on Animal Planet.

"She was already well known before that show, but her popularity just blossomed and the gift shop started carrying a whole line of C.C. products," said Driscoll. 

C.C. wasn't the first official Alamo cat. A cat named Ruby was there for five years in the 1980s. She was buried in an area off-limits to the public and has a plaque with her name and the title "Alamo cat."

C.C. showed up on the grounds in 1996 and was adopted by employees who loved and pampered her until her death.

Driscoll said C.C. had been battling health problems for the past few years but her health really began to decline the past few weeks. She was taken to a veterinarian Sunday morning, where she died.

C.C. will be buried next to Ruby and will also have a plaque with her name on it. Employees also plan to have a small memorial service in her honor within the next few weeks.

"Obviously there are some people that want to say goodbye to her, so as an Alamo family, we will get together and do that," said Driscoll.

Although her presence is missed, her legacy will live on as a part of Alamo history.