Strippers take club owners to federal court

Former Tiffany's Cabaret dancers claim they were not paid

SAN ANTONIO – Two former exotic dancers from a Northside strip club were in a federal court Tuesday claiming they were not paid for their performances.

Alex Alexis, 27 and Nicolette Prieto, 31 filed a lawsuit against Tiffany's Cabaret to court in August of 2013 asking for back pay and overtime pay they said they never received over a three-year period beginning in 2010.

The lawsuit alleges the club was in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act that requires employees be paid minimum wage.

The dancer's lawyer testified on Tuesday stating the only money the women received was from tips made by customers for stage and private dances.

The women also claim that they were required to pay a percentage of their tips to other employees such as bartenders and bouncers.

Tim Eidson, the owner of Tiffany's Cabaret, testified he never had any complaints from the dancers about their pay.

"In fact dancers on more than one occasion would thank me for allowing them to work in the club," Eidson testified.

He also said the club gave dancers a percentage of table dance fees collected by the club from customers to offset minimum wage requirements.

Testimony is expected to continue on Wednesday before federal Judge Royce Lamberth.


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