'Aspirin Buster' shows off amazing archery skills to Steve Browne

Frank Addington, Jr. gains following on YouTube, performs for large crowds

SAN ANTONIO – An area man known as "The Aspirin Buster" has been wowing audiences across the United States for years with his amazing archery skills. 

KSAT's Steve Browne went one-on-one with Frank Addington, Jr. and put those skills to the test.

Addington, Jr. told Steve he has overcome several obstacles, including being born with a severely sunken chest.

But he also got a special gift. Addington, Jr. says God gave him 20/8 vision, which is considered to be super human.

Frank demonstrated some of his abilities to Steve when he shot a gallon of milk and a V8 can out of mid-air, with his bow behind his back. 

Frank's YouTube videos have become very popular and he's performed in large venues for huge crowds, and also performed private exhibitions for well known celebrities. 

Find out more about Addington, Jr. and legendary archery skills by clicking this link.

Below is one of Frank's videos on YouTube:


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