A day in the life: Tommy Adkisson

KSAT joins mayoral candidates on the campaign trail

SAN ANTONIO – Tommy Adkisson may be the most experienced mayoral candidate and the most underfunded. 

KSAT recently joined Adkisson for a day on the campaign trial. The day started at the city of San Antonio's Northeast Senior Center, where Adkisson was practicing "popsicle politics." 

Instead of stickers and yard signs, Adkisson and his aides handed out frozen goodies for "Birthday Day." It's retail politics at its most basic and it is what Adkisson is banking on to become San Antonio's next mayor.

"I think we're right in there where we need to be to make the runoff," Adkisson said.

Senior centers, staff meetings, even working Mexican food buffet restaurants, Adkisson has been running a campaign preaching "back to the basics," as in basic city services. He believes his selling point is his resume.

"One of the things I have going for myself is that I have both state service, four years in the Texas House of Representatives and 16 years of service in local government. That's unmatched by anybody. It's not even close," Adkisson said.

But he is also a frustrated candidate. Outspent by his opponents, Adkisson talks openly about money, and his lack of it, being a factor.

"Hardworking, accomplished elected officials find it even harder to achieve that office because they're not millionaires, or they're not accessible to the various millionaires who can make a difference," Adkisson said.

How the city deals with crime is his top priority, and he is optimistic he can overcome his lack of campaign cash with hard work and maybe more "popsicle politics."

"I'm ready to lead on day one," Adkisson said.

KSAT will join a different mayoral candidate on the campaign trail each night this week on the Nightbeat.

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