Boerne physician missing nearly 3 weeks

Kendall County SO: No foul play suspected

BOERNE, TEXAS – The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Curtis Clogston. The doctor was San Antonio’s EMS director in the early 1980s, an attorney and, most recently the medical director of a clinic in San Marcos.

Danica MacRae, his wife of three years said, “It was a kick in the gut when the office said he hadn’t been in since Monday.”

That was nearly three weeks ago.

However, the Kendall County investigators don’t suspect foul play.

“He disappeared on the 15th and on the 20th. He was seen in Boerne by somebody who knows him very well,” said Chief Deputy Larry Ripley.

MacRae said the last time she spoke to her husband was on her return trip from New Mexico. She said Clogston told her that he’d had a case of food poisoning, and even went home early that Monday. But when she got home two days later, there was no sign of Clogston or his vehicle, a two-tone Mini Cooper that still hasn’t been found.
MacRae said they would have come upon it by now if he’d been in accident. She said the trouble is he rarely stuck to the same route, often taking back roads to his home of 30 years in Boerne.

Still, MacRae said her husband had no reason to disappear.

“Nope, nope, we had future plans. We had plans together,” she said. “He was a forward-looking person. He was optimistic about everything.”

Ripley said so far, his investigators have not seen any activity on Clogston’s telephones, social media, credit cards or bank accounts. However, he said, “We’ll check credit reports and see if there’s any accounts that have been opened maybe the family doesn’t know about.”

MacRae said she understands it’s not a crime to be a missing adult, but she’s anxious and worried, thinking about all the possible scenarios.

She was so overcome, MacRae couldn’t read aloud her last text to Clogston, “I love you. I miss you. I want you home.”

Anyone with information is urged to call the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office at 830-249-9721 during business hours or the Boerne Police Department dispatch line at any time at 830-249-8645.