Mom of Stevens HS student beaten at school says it could have been prevented

Girl's mother says many reports were made to school before fight happened


SAN ANTONIO – The mother of a Stevens High School student said her daughter was beat up by bullies at school and is afraid it will happen again. She believes the school could have done more to stop it.

A month and a half ago Dolores Levine's daughter Domiana, a Stevens High School Freshman, started acting quiet and distant.

"She confessed she was being harassed at school," Levine said.

Levine said the next day she went to the school herself and told an assistant principal about it.

"I went to the school and I told everything that I knew. My main concern was her safety. I was assured that they were going to monitor the situation they were going to keep her safe. They were going to keep me posted on what was going on and I never, no one had ever contacted me," Levine said.

Levine and her older daughter, Kiana, said Domiana wrote complaints to administration about the same girl who she said was threatening her.

"She filed reports, written reports to administration. Maybe like three or four," Kiana said.

Then Tuesday morning around 11, Kiana got a call from her sister.

"She said Kiana, these girls said they're going to jump me today," she said.

Kiana told their oldest sister, who then called the school.

"They assured her that they would contact me, her mom, and I never got a phone call," Levine said.

She said her daughter was beat up that afternoon.

"The school called me closer to 5 (p.m.)," Levine said.

Levine said she was horrified when she saw a video of the fight, taken by witnesses, spreading all over social media.

"It upsets me because that's my little girl and it scares me," she said.

She said threats of more attacks are coming through social media, too.

"There are some chats populating social networks that they're not done with her, that they're going to approach her again," Levine said.

One post talks and jokes about the fight and reads, "More to come."

"A bunch of kids making fun of the situation or provoking the situation. You've got these girls still posting threats and comments on social media. That's very disturbing," Levine said.

She said she just wants to know her daughter will be safe going to school.

There are, of course, two sides to every story. KSAT contacted a Northside ISD representative to ask if he could comment on the situation and this is his statement, "All allegations of bullying are treated very seriously, we are conducting a full investigation."

He said since the incident just happened Tuesday, the district is still in the beginning of the investigation and soon more questions will be able to be answered.

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