Police say suspect killed 3 men while wife, 3 children waited in van

Jacob Brownson charged in Sep. 27 North Side triple murder

SAN ANTONIO – The affidavit reads as if he were running an errand.

According to a murder warrant, Jacob Brownson, 24, killed three men in their North Side apartment while his wife and three young children waited in a van outside. He now faces a charge of capital murder of multiple persons.

Anthony Rodrigues, 24, Pedro Garcia, Jr., 21, and Matthew Martinez, 22, were found dead, each with several gunshot wounds on Sept. 27 at La Paloma Apartments at 102 W. Rampart Drive.

Brownson's wife told police he had picked her up from the apartment the morning of the killings, around the time witnesses remember hearing gunshots. While she and their three kids waited in a van in the parking lot, she said Brownson went back inside the apartment. He returned to the van walking quickly.

Another witness told investigators she saw someone matching Brownson's description running from the apartment.

The affidavit hints at a motive, too. When she called him that morning, Brownson's wife told him Rodrigues's actions were "scaring her."

She also told Brownson the roommates had about $1,000. Police said Brownson had told the victims about needing money.

Investigators also tracked Garcia's phone, which Brownson had supposedly been using in the days beforehand, to the area near the murders that morning. A surveillance camera at a business near the apartment captured Brownson using a phone that matched the description of Garcia's phone. The camera showed him getting into a van and driving in the direction of the apartment.

Investigators also found blood in a van that Brownson said was his wife's. He also told investigators the van had been stolen.

Brownson was already in the Bexar County Jail on an unrelated aggravated assault charge.

About the Author:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.