Accused killer's daughter tells tale of terror

Claims she was kidnapped and beaten by Trayvouns Edwards

SAN ANTONIO – The daughter of William Boyd Porter, 44, who is on trial for murder, said that her father “did what he had to do.”

What he did on Christmas night 2015 was shoot and kill Trayvouns Edwards. The shooting was captured by security cameras at a Goliad Road gas station where the shooting occurred.

It was a shooting prosecutors called “an assassination.”

Porter’s daughter, 22, testified Wednesday that Edwards, 23, lured her to an apartment with the promise of drugs.

There were no drugs, she testified, and she tried to leave.

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“He came over and he slammed the door and told me that I wasn’t leaving,” she testified.

The woman said that was the beginning of four days of terror as Edwards refused to let her out of his sight and beat her frequently.

“I was scared, him telling me that he would kill me,” she said. “I didn’t want to go to sleep because he might have done it while I was asleep.”

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On Christmas night, her father confronted Williams after learning that the couple was at the gas station and shot him to death at point blank range.

Porter and his daughter fled following the shooting.

He was arrested three weeks later and charged with murder.

Testimony is expected to continue Thursday in Judge Jefferson Moore’s 186th District Court.

A conviction could mean life in prison for Porter.

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