Hundreds protest DACA decision: 'I am not afraid, I am here to stay'

Obama immigration program to go away in 6 months

SAN ANTONIO – Risking deportation, San Antonians rallied around children and young adults who face an uncertain future because they were not legally brought into the country.

Hundreds stood outside the federal courthouse Tuesday night angry over President Donald Trump's decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

For some of them the decision is hits close to home.

“I got teary-eyed,” Karen Torres said. ‘The fact (U.S. Attorney General Jeff) Sessions was still calling us illegal aliens it really got to me,"

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Torres has lived in the U.S. since she was 5 years old. Fellow DACA recipient Gabriella Murillo echoed a similar sentiment.

“It was pretty devastating,” she said. “It hurt me. It's something very personally,"

Now, both young women face deportation after the president pulled the plug on DACA.

They were among the hundreds of people rallying outside the federal courthouse to protest the decision.

The changes are expected to impact more than 800,000 people nationwide.

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But not everyone sees a negative in Trump’s decision. The Bexar County GOP chairman said the president's decision could actually help DACA recipients find a permanent path to citizenship

“I think this is probably the first step towards immigration reform," Robert Stovall said.

He also said the president made the right call to end the program and is urging supporters to get on the phone.

“Contact their congressman and their U.S. senator, say ‘I am one of those people let me help you with the process. Let me tell you what my story is and how I can make this legislation better,’" Stovall said.

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Torres and Diaz are both attending local colleges and said they won't be deported without a fight.

The president tweeted Tuesday evening and said he looks forward to working with Republicans and Democrats and will revisit the program should Congress not pass any legislation. 


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