Soldier hit by runaway driver recovering at home, struggling financially

Driver arrested, bailed out of jail

SAN ANTONIO – A Fort Sam Houston soldier critically injured by a hit-and-run driver is now back home, but his condition will require around-the-clock care.

Pfc. Matt Belknap is unable to move from the pain and broken bones, unable to open his eyes from the trauma to his head and barely able to speak.  

He was on his way to work at the San Antonio Military Medical Center three weeks ago when a driver plowed into him while he was riding his bicycle on the shoulder, Kirby police said.

The woman police identified as Marisa Ross was later arrested thanks to witnesses who followed her. She has since bonded out of jail. But Belknap has no recollection of how he ended up bedridden.

“I remember nothing of it. I know nothing of it,” he said.

His pregnant wife, Katie Belknap, is now his sole caretaker.

“He has a lot of confusion,” she said, as she sat next to his bed and held his hand.

Belknap has a long list of injuries and has already had three surgeries.  

“He's leaps and bounds better. This is amazing. I didn’t expect him that quick,” Katie Belknap said.

Belknap still has a long journey to recovery, especially when it comes to healing in his brain.

Katie Belknap said witnesses told her that her husband’s helmet flew off and his face took the brunt of the impact when he landed.

His medical bills are over $1 million. While his military pay will take care of the bills, Katie Belknap said it won’t stretch far enough to take care of the family of six.

“There’s a lot of things beyond bills that it's going to require — everyday things,” she said. “I’m not able to work. I haven’t worked three weeks.”

Belknap worked weekend jobs to make extra money. He said he feels horrible having to rely on people and his wife, but he’s grateful for her support during this time.

“Every day, she shows me more and more how love is such an unconditional thing,” he said.

The family is in need of a wheelchair and ramp to get Belknap to doctors’ appointments.  His wife has opened an account to raise money to hire a home health aide.  

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