Protesters rally to prevent removal of cenotaph at Alamo Plaza

Master plan committee wants Alamo to look more historic

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of protesters rallied at the Alamo on Saturday to try to prevent the removal of the cenotaph that sits at the historical site, memorializing those who battled there.

The Alamo master plan shows the area will be renovated to make it look more like it did originally before the monument was placed there.

This is Texas Freedom Force and supporters showed up to the Alamo by the dozens with a mission to keep the cenotaph in place.

The Alamo Master Plan Committee said in order for the 1.5 million people who visit the site each year to better understand the Alamo’s history, it should be restored to its original state, which means moving the cenotaph to a prominent location nearby.

“It’s not just for one group of people. It's for all Texans, Tejanos, Tejanas, Americans that love our country, that love freedom,” said Clyd Haddox, a fifth generation San Antonian.

The committee pushing to relocate the cenotaph monument is partly made up of city leaders. It believes that renovating the area would help restore the Alamo’s historic integrity.

“I’m a Texan at heart and I think it’s important that it remains where it’s at,” Jaime Mendez said.

Under the plan, not only would the monument be moved, but other possible changes include building a park and a museum using parts of the historic buildings in the Alamo Plaza.

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