Missing woman's family remains hopeful one year later

Maria Jesus Llamas last seen at Poteet Flea Market

SAN ANTONIO – The family of Maria Jesus Llamas is not losing hope, even though it's been one year since she disappeared from a flea market.

Family members have created online pages, posted signs and partnered with agencies in hopes of finding her.

The missing woman's daughter, Femia Llamas, remembers the day her mother disappeared.

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On Nov. 20, 2016, Llamas and her husband left church and went to the Poteet Flea Market on Highway 16.

"She loved to see the people dance (there)," Femia said.

According to Femia, Llamas' husband was distracted for a second, and when he looked back, his wife was gone.

Llamas' family members said the cameras at the flea market captured the moment she left. Some people told the family they remember seeing her.

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"We did get some people that said they saw her. That they almost ran over her," Femia said. 

Llamas suffers from Alzheimer's, and while there are no concrete leads on her whereabouts, the family hasn't given up.

Thousands of people have liked a Facebook page dedicated to the search for Llamas.

The family also continues to hang posters and attending events to share their story.

"We try to continue to repost every announcement that they continue to do. Any activities or events that we have, we share with people. We just can't, we absolutely cannot give up for this family," said Ginny Funk, director of programs and advocacy at the Alzheimer's Association of San Antonio.

The association has been in constant communication with the Llamas family and has shared their story. 

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"We will have families come in to our office and (say), 'Our grandfather or our mom has been lost once, but she's OK,'" Funk said. "And we give (the) example of dear Maria, because that was just once." 

While the Llamas family is forever grateful for everyone who has helped, every day that passes is another day they wonder where she is.

"It's heartbreaking not knowing where my mom is," Femia said.

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