BCSO deputy suspended for telling judge 'I'm sure you love being handcuffed'

Deputy Lorenzo Contreras removed from courtroom, received 2-day suspension

SAN ANTONIO – A deputy with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office served a two-day suspension after he whispered a comment in a judge's ear that implied she liked being in handcuffs.

A three-page suspension document obtained by KSAT-12 was partially redacted at the direction of the Texas Attorney General because the allegations were part of a sexual harassment investigation. The identity of the victim, who KSAT-12 has learned is a judge, was not released.

The document says Deputy Lorenzo Contreras was assigned to the judge's court on June 13. During conversation, he asked for a name and said, "Should I arrest him?" and received a response that the person "might actually like that."

"(Contreras) continued the conversation with (information redacted), now with handcuffs in your hand, making the statement 'I'll use hand cuffs and all.' (Information redacted) replied 'Oh, he'd probably like that.' You then took several steps toward (information redacted) and purposefully whispered in her ear 'Because I'm sure you love being handcuffed, too.' (Information redacted) immediately responded 'I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that to me. In fact, I'm going to forget that you said that at all."


Contreras was removed from the courtroom that day. On June 29, he agreed to a two-day suspension without pay for violating the following BCSO Civil Service rules:

  • Poor job performance
  • Conduct or action that would seriously impair job effectiveness
  • Conduct which has proven to be detrimental or has an adverse effect on the sheriff's office

Contreras was also found in violation of the department's general manual for his language and behavior, as well as bringing discredit on himself and the department.