University of Texas student shares funny video of first college exam experience

Viral tweet of college exam experience gets attention of university president


AUSTIN, Texas – Ann Mark is a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin, and she’s officially trending on Twitter after sharing her first college exam experience.

Anyone who’s had final exams can probably relate to Mark’s hilarious retelling of her inexperience with college finals.

Mark didn’t realize she needed a blue book to write an essay, or that her exam was in a different place than where her class usually is.

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She also walked into a window, not realizing it wasn’t an open door, according to the video.

The story doesn’t end there. Watch the video in the tweet below:

It gets better — University of Texas President Greg Fences retweeted Mark’s original video and told her not to worry about blue books for the next four years, because he’s got her covered. 

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There's no word on how the final went, but Mark wrote an essay about the indie film “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Sounds like an A.

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