Murder in park restroom may have stemmed from drug deal, police say

Man's body found inside women's restroom at Fernando Q. Herrera Park

SAN ANTONIO – The shooting death of a man in a restroom at an East Side park may have been the result of a drug deal, San Antonio Chief William McManus said.

McManus told reporters a few hours after the man's body was discovered around 7:30 a.m. Monday inside a women's restroom at Fernando Q. Herrera Park that a passerby notified officers about the disturbing discovery.

"He said there was a body in the bathroom in the park here. There was blood around it," McManus said. "So the officer went and checked it out. In fact, there was a young male in there who had been shot."

McManus said the victim was shot in his upper body and most likely was killed at the park.

He said it could have happened just a few hours before the body was found.

"Not sure what was going on in there, but the suspicions might be possible drug deal," McManus said.

As investigators fanned out across the area near Roland Avenue and Twohig Street, Michael Hite watched and took it all in from the comfort of his air conditioned van.

Hite had planned to have a nice relaxing morning outdoors, but the park became a crime scene.

"It was a funny feeling," Hite said. "I just saw one police car over there, and I just thought he was taking a break. Then, I come sit here like I do every morning, and I just turned around and there are policemen everywhere."

It appears that the victim was also caught by surprise, McManus said.

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